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Re: Tsugi Ashi

Dena Williams wrote: View Post
No - i did not describe Okuri Ashi. I did not state that either foot moves in front of the other, which occurs in okuri ashi.

from aikido journal: Literally, "following steps." Refers to a sliding foot movement either forward or backward which permits smooth movements while allowing one's balance to be maintained.
Actually, in all the examples I've seen of okuri-ashi, neither foot crosses in front of the other.

Generally, in tsugi-ashi, the back foot moves up to just behind the front foot, and then the front foot moves forward. In okuri-ashi, the front foot moves first, and then the back foot is drawn up.

I believe odudog's point was that in your initial description, it sounds like you have the leading foot moving first followed by the following foot. That's not tsugi-ashi, that's okuri-ashi.

If you go to this page, you can see Flash animation examples of okuri-ashi and tsugi-ashi.

Scroll down to 送り足 for okuri-ashi; 継ぎ足 tsugi-ashi is the one below that. The one below that is tsugi-ashi with big strides. Click on 進む to start the animations.

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