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Re: Tsugi Ashi

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Interested to know how do Aikidoka define Tsugi Ashi. doing a bit of reading and such on this particular foot movement. Got varying perspectives.

I'm quite interested in what the practical thoughts of varied aikidoka are...

I think of it as a sliding foot movement, where the foot leading the direction one wishes to move in begins the movement. For example forward movement, means forward foot slides forward. backward movement means rear foot slides backward to be followed by the forward foot. In both instances, the foot which follows never moves ahead of the leading foot.

I've also read something that says it is a foot movement with a goal to keep the maai between the uke and nage constant (not necessarily a sliding foot movement)..

would like to know what you all think.
Tsugi ashi- if left /right foot is leading ,the opposite foot keeps behind leading foot.To advance push with back foot , sliding lead foot .To retreat [move backward] push with front [leading foot]
and slide rear foot to rear.As far as it being a sliding footwork , yes it should be so. Tsugi ashi foot work is also used in Bokken suburi [cutting forward [advancing ] linked with cutting while retreating] ie a double shomen movement .
Cheers, Joe
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