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Marc Abrams
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Re: Aikido after knee surgery


I am a veteran of two arthroscopic surgeries- one on each knee! It will take your body awhile to fully adjust to a "new knee" and a longer time for all of the inflamation to subside (as the scar tissue "resolves" itself). I would strongly recommend acupuncture and Chinese medicine (bone setting- in particular) at this juncture. I would also recommend starting Cosamin DS. This is a highly effective and well researched combo of glucosamine and chondroiton. If Cosamin is too expensive, Trader Joes sells a product this is extremely close.

I am now twelve years post my last surgery and do Aikido (teach and practice), along with some other things! The only modifications that I have had to adjust to is no more regular running and no compressive exercises for my knees. I know that when the technique of growing your own cartilage is much more established with long-term studies, I will have some grown and inserted in both knees to replace what has been worn-out and cut away. That is off in the distant future. For now, all is well! Best of luck in your recovery- JUST BE PATIENT AND LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Marc Abrams
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