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Hi David,
Thank you for the response. Normally I'd be inclined to feel the same way.
In the sense that he can't be here right now to reply directly, I agree it's not fair. I'm guessing Jun moved the thread here because the way the topic shifted toward the issue of banning people for how they carry themselves. People also spoke up on behalf of Jun's action. They did so by supporting Jun and/or by putting down Tony's behavior. While there seems to be some trends in thought, I think it's clear we as a group disagree on the nature of the behavior as well as the response. It became topical and I guess it's very easy to offer comments on folks who are so free with their own...I suspect a certain degree of catharsis involved too.
I like Tony. I hope he'll keep posting...and I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by commenting as freely as I suspect he would.

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