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Re: Pain

David Henderson wrote:

I feel like for me to do what I still want to do -- say, participate fully in a multiple-day seminar, or mix my aikido practice with other activities that I love, there's a price to be paid. Not only that, I know it will take time to recover from the debt. It's just a question of whether I want to put up with the terms of the bargain I'm making with myself.

I'm coming to think of it as "old-guy endurance."

Choosing to endure this discomfort feels different. It requires me to struggle more with the psychological urge to just stop.
Yea I talk about "Old Guy endurance" alot these days. Getting older has been a great learning experience. My BJJ dojo is full of young 20 year olds so I am definitely the old guy.

I suppose this was my perspective above in reference to dealing with pain. However, as Mary states, there is alot more to this.

From the "Old Guy Endurance" perspective that David describes so well...I see young guys stop coming to practice, not working hard, or sitting off the mat.


"Well I pulled my X" "My shoulder hurts" etc....

It is a matter of perspective and perception alot of times for sure. I always ask them why they are not out there..."I want to give it time to heal". Of course in some cases this is true, but in many I think they simply are using it as an excuse. I have had guys not get on the mat because of a broken finger or toe!

Come hurts, but you can simply limit what you do, tape down that part and drive on! There are ways to still train, and in fact that limitation will teach you alot.

Heck, if I didn't get on the mat because of injury pain, i'd be able to get on maybe twice a month! lol!

A few years ago I was in Airborne School at age 40. I had a bunch of new recruits 18 years old...fresh out of high school with me. We do alot of falling etc when we train, running, push ups just simply wears on you. After about 5 days you can't get out of bed due to the simple fact that you ache and hurt all over. I'd take some Ibuprofen, a 30 minute hot shower, and slowly make my way to formation.

One morning I get there and like 5 of my guys want to go to "Sick Call" to see the Doc. "Why" I ask...because the were hurt. I asked "Where". "All over, sir".

They were not looking for an excuse, they were geniunely concerned. I realized that they had never experienced this type of pain in their lives before and it worried them!

I assured them that they would be fine in a few days. Anyway, it was an eyeopener to me that there are people out there that did not grow up with physical work or athletics and have never experienced fatigue and pain!

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