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Re: How many calories would you burn in a one hour class?

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An interesting article on the hazards of maintaining your weight through diet alone:

Even if you don't lose any weight through your exercise program at least you improve your fitness and health levels.


That's very true. I personally know 3 people who are thin as rails due to their metabolisms and/or diet, but are quite unhealthy and in rather poor shape. I'm the short, stocky, barrel-chested type (5' 7" and 185 lbs.) who is not a weightlifter...but I have lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels than they do, and my cardiovascular system is much stronger (not to mention the fact that I can benchpress more than their bodyweight!). I easily outlast them in any sort of aerobic activity.

Speaking personally, people often associate weight with health, and in many cases, that's certainly true (in regards to the extremes of obesity or anorexia). However, it's not always true. Folks who struggle with their weight should more concerned about the "internals" (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular system, diabetes, etc.) rather than the "externals" (i.e. "how thin I am" or "how good/bad do I look")...even though our society places a great deal more emphasis on looking good at all costs.

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