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Re: Baseline skillset

Extend underneath (how?), breathing in, gather (how?) out of his sphere, connect (how?) with length of arm... tells me NOTHING. I'm afraid, if I were your student, you've lost me....

I said with your arms ALREADY extended - i.e. start from the position where uke is pushing/holding down on your already extended arms. It's really quite simple.... here's a clue... [spoiler]it's EXACTLY the same concept as receiving a push from the chest and grounding it in the rear leg, except you now have 3 points to ground to.

OK, I'll give you the breathing part, but I'm pretty sure you don't understand that either. Breathing is part of the power chain, but not as you described. If you understood how breath plays a role, you'll understand how it is possible to throw someone in that position, even with your arms fully extended and locked, without resorting to any torso rotation, wrist rotation, elbow power or pelvic rotation - just by simply breathing in, holding your breath, or breathing out.

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