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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
A I'll just have a running objection to the training use or model or any "bounce" modes of action that are actually resistant. I've made my point. Counterforce is too tempting, even to just "train with" even if it is just ground reaction. It warps the nature of the connection in Aikido -- in my view. It blurs the sensitivity to all that information -- literally in your hands -- about what your opponent is actually doing.
Actually, Erick, what I've found is that resistance training of pushing and power walking that we got from Shingo Nakao has made me more sensitive to my partner, not less. As tori, I can find his center quickly and "attack" it. As uke, I can now offer detailed feedback to tori ("That's the shoulder you're using, not the hara." "Your biceps are clenched and stopping the flow of energy.") that I couldn't do before. It has heightened our understanding of the center to center connection that should be going on in aikido.


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