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Re: Religion and Aikido

Mysticism - is for the gullible and the controlling, a co-dependant relationship made in heaven or hell depending which side you are on
Actually, isn't it the "revelation" mode of thought which fits this description and not the "mystical"? My understanding of the term "mystical" demands that all experiences are deemed rational or irrational by my own personal experiences above all others.
" the pursuit of achieving communion with or conscious awareness of God (the divine ultimate reality) through direct, personal experience, intuition or insight." (Wikipedia)
Also, it may have been posted already, and if so I'll find it soon I'm sure so please don't feel obliged to answer my question, but what exactly is "natural" morality? This word seems to imply an objective concept of what is and is not moral (ie- a "true" morality next to which all other morality is supposed to be false or inferior) which, in my experience, is the very mechanism people seek to control each other by.
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