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Re: my sensei "video clip"

The realities of accepting different methodologies and technical applications of Aikido is in more of a need than ever. Why does one person desire that Aikido be taught, practice and applied one way? When the founding father of Aikido introduce the art to his various students, they all took away different methodologies and applications, it depends on when they where taught Aikido during his life. Some of this is a result of where he was in his own personal growth and development. In the beginning Aikido, (Aikibudo) as he refer to his art, at that time, was hard and very aggressive, full combat ready. Upon his deeply religious conviction to the Shinto religion, which took hold and impacted his martial arts development, he moved toward the soft, don't hurt, peaceful, not self defense. Aikido was the word used permanently.

Aikido to some is not Aikido to others. Personal attacks to one's methodology and application of the art only serves to make Aikido less appealing. I'm glad there is a hard style and a soft style. For those who want to learn more self defense oriented, combat Aikdio, then Yoseikan and others are available. For those who want to learn the softer more meditation/spiritual Aikido then Ki is available.
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