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dan guthrie
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Austin Piccone (cuguacuarana) wrote:
I wouldn't press it. Do what you can to inspire him, but don't push him if he doesn't want to go that way. Nine year olds are a pretty immature as a rule, give him some time and some patient guidance and perhaps he will choose to practice it someday. Maybe something else would inspire him. Have you thought about other activities that cultivate discipline. Climbing is a sport that I have personally seen inspire young kids. What about other sports? When I was that age people pushed me every which way to help me, but it never worked. Nothing worked until about ten years down the road when I finally got some room to breath and explore life on my own. Thats just my take, maybe I'm way off base. Good luck,

Thanks, my sister (single mom) is putting him in every team sport available. She doesn't force him, just encourages and he's stuck with all of them. He seems to be pretty good at baseball, but basketball and soccer aren't going to be in his future.

I'm pushing Aikido because of it's influence on me.

I've never looked forward to anything as much as my next trip to the dojo. I want him to share the same joy I feel.

I'll be happy if I can just get him through a month of lessons. If he bows out (oooh, a pun I didn't see ) then, at least he had the exposure.

Has anyone else seen children's Aikido? It's hilarious!
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