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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

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Mary, I understand that you might not want to use the term "spiritual" to describe your practice. Personally, for me, Aikido is absolutely a spiritual practice. It challenges me deeply on every level of my being, in such a profound and rigorous way that I would have to call it a spiritual practice or journey.
Anita, my disagreement with the prevalent use of the term "spiritual practice" is that almost nobody can define what they mean by that term -- or if they do, it's a nonsensically vague definition having something to do with kinda feeling good and, you know, spiritual (self-referential definition fail). I don't think that it's valid to call anything that makes you kinda feel good a spiritual practice; more rigor would seem called for, and most people who call aikido a spiritual practice are decidedly unwilling to bring rigor into the discussion.
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