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Re: Where did your Aikido training begin?

Well I started 2 years ago in this dojo.I originally intended to try out the university Judo club but was ill in the week in which the tryout sessions for different clubs were held..So i was without a hobby for a month or so, and then decided to take a look at the uni aikido club, went to a session and was hooked! It was good fun and everyone was really nice and helpful. I like this style, alhough I havent tried any others...I dont think its too spiritual or fluffy or anything, the ki stuff is taught as a means of making the techinques proficient IMHO and we usually train pretty intensely. its sometimes really difficult and confusing but once you get it right it gives a real sense of achievement

I dont know if ive improved as a person, theres a lot to improve But if theres something that could improve me then its definitely aikido!
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