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Re: Ki (as in 'The Force')

I believe topics like this are more complicated than words can ever express.

The truth of something like ki is seen in the very act of a fist hitting a face - I know sounds ironically the opposite of ki, but its not.

Everything is intertwined and wrapped within itself - a life of singularity trying to act as duality - we live a life of drama which is all enacted upon a stage...nothing serious as we are all 'one'.

All this sounds mystical mumbo jumbo, but things connect.

The point is though, we dont fully understand how things connect - so we take basic concepts and turn them into fairy tale magic.

This in itself can be powerful upon the other minds that get entangled within your belief system - but on something outside of your belief system, it has no effect.

Reminds me of the old Aikido master on youtube who had his students dropping without touching them (mental suggestion), and then got his arse beat by someone who felt no unconscious tie to boost his ego.

So ki and Aikido - a lot more than meets the eye initially for sure.
And no, I dont expect this post to make much sense or for it to clearly reflect what it is Im thinking - but as I said at the beginning...this is a complex topic which words do not due justice to.



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