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Re: Jim, Dennis, and Giancarlo's Thread

Giancarlo DiPierro wrote:
I don't recall anyone shorter and lighter than me ever reversing my technique at your dojo. I think you will have to provide a name and face if you want to continue advancing this claim.

I never injured anyone at your dojo, however at least one of your students did cause injury to me through his sloppy technique, with which I was trying to cooperate by letting him throw me anyway. I usually don't do that anymore. I suspect the people who were really offended were your senior students, who believe that their rank entitles them to throw someone even though their technique doesn't work.

The only people I would say that I bettered are Saotome's students who admit that they cannot do to him what I did despite being larger, stronger, and more experienced than me.

In terms of providing a name and a face, I will not be providing that person's identity on a public forum for his own privacy. However, I still remember exactly where on the mat the two of you were together.

I do recall one of our junior members experiencing some unnecessary discomfort because you were not practicing the technique as it was demonstrated, and throwing that person in an unsafe manner. In our dojo, we have a zero tolerance-policy for practitioners that do not observe respect and courtesy to other practitioners on the mat, as well as practicing in a safe manner with their partners. You did not observe those rules on more than one occasion, and THAT was why you offended a number of our members.

Robert Cronin
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