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Re: Jim, Dennis, and Giancarlo's Thread

Giancarlo, I got injured by you at a seminar. Although I was part to blame (because I was not being aware enough to react appropriately), the injury occurred because of a sudden burst of speed with a bunch of muscle, right at a vunerable spot for uke. It was in Cincinnati, and I pulled a groin muscle. I can't remember the technique unfortunately but do remember going along with you in a compliant manner only to be subject to this sudden burst of force driven with muscle and it seemed anger. Perhaps you were not angry, but that was the impression I had.

I think the Shihan in the USAF are wonderful and I can't imagine you are talking about them.

The true mark of skill in my opinion, is to have one of these folks throw you and place you in exactly the right spot so as not to get hurt, but also not allow you one iota of leeway to get away from the technique. This has been my experience when I have been lucky enough to have take ukemi.
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