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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

Giancarlo DiPierro wrote:
But since you are again belaboring this issue of rank and affiliation as you did with Dan, let me say now for the record, since for some reason it is not obvious despite the fact that I make no statements suggesting any rank or formal affiliation whatsoever on my website, that I make no claim of rank from Kanai-sensei nor do I make any claim of formal affiliation to him or to any organization to which he belonged. So that there is absolutely no confusion on this point, let me also say here that I do not currently teach or practice his characteristic of aikido at my dojo.
So why even mention his name? The man is dead and can't defend his reputation. Have you no shame?
Giancarlo DiPierro wrote:
As for not taking ukemi for him, I can assure you that the irony of the fact that I have physically felt the technique of every other direct student of the founder that I have trained with but never that of Kanai-sensei is not lost on me.
There is nothing ironic about it. You never even tested for shodan.
Giancarlo DiPierro wrote:
If you want to know when and where the incident with Saotome happened, ask around the ASU. People saw it. Although I'm sure they remember it much differently than I did since, for ASU people (like Dennis Hooker), it couldn't possibly be true that anyone actually stopped Saotome's technique. Obviously I must be lying or the reason he couldn't throw me was that he didn't want to hurt me. Sure.
You're the one who made the claim --- the burden is on you to back it up with details, including where and when.
Giancarlo DiPierro wrote:
Let's face it, the real issue here is that if you believe that nobody can stop Saotome's (or anyone else's) technique then you obviously don't train with any kind of real resistance.
No, the real issue is that, based on your short study of aikido, as well as my interactions with you on the mat at DC, I don't believe that you could stop Saotome-sensei's technique. For that matter, I don't believe you could stop my technique, either.
Giancarlo DiPierro wrote:
But, Jim, I suppose it's better to keep bringing the discussion back to matters that have no bearing whatsoever on that issue, like who my iaido teacher is, since that way maybe nobody will realize that all of these things that Dan and other people are saying are true.
Well, you insulted my teacher's reputation with your spurious claim. One way to deal with such matters is to bring the offense to the attention of the offender's teacher, just as I would contact the parents of a little boy who called me (or one of my family) some foul name. You don't have an aikido teacher, so your iaido teacher, if you have one, will have to do.

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