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Unhappy Re: Overly-aggressive instructor, anyone?

I'd be interested to hear more about experiences or ideas where the overly-aggressive instructor is the only game in town, with exclusive control. Suppose the sensei, as nage, sometimes continues to apply technique (and pain) well after uke's tap-out and despite uke's verbal hints or outright objections, justifying it by stating he is "not done yet".

And what about justifying other instances of apparently excessive force by the reasoning that the further a student advances in gradings, the harder they should be prepared to train? I am talking of instances where certain student ukes are thrown repeatedly by the sensei and, because of fatigue or injury or whatever, they become unwilling to continue, or otherwise request a break, but are ordered to continue, under this reasoning. Such instances often result in uke, scraped and bruised, missing the next class or two, presumably to get some rest. Is that normal?

Some students have discussed amongst themselves that this is dangerous to them, as well as an abuse of trust, and feel that sometimes (definitely not all the time), the sensei is there more for his ego than to teach. The sensei is generally a decent and responsive person but his machismo has even gotten him in trouble outside the dojo, in physical and verbal altercations. In an isolated small town with no other aikido options, what do you do? If this behaviour is to be frowned upon by the federation, do you report it and risk the sensei packing up and closing his doors? Beyond just quitting aikido, does anyone have practical suggestions?
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