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Charles Hill
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation

Prof. Goldsbury,

I would be very interested in learning more about D, specifically the evidence you write about. It has been my impression that it was largely Kisshomaru Sensei that created and sustained the Aikikai supported by a coterie of financial/political supporters, very loyal deshi(current Aikikai shihan) and Koichi Tohei(a technical genius.) I understand that the Founder did not have much to do with the running of the organization after the war and was not part of the decision for his son to become Doshu (maybe because I don't know of the evidence you mention.) I believe that the decision for Kisshomaru to take over was made as he was the one who was able to be the center of an organization made up of radically different individuals, not as an inheritor of any kind of special skill or understanding. And this was the role he had played from the beginning even when the founder was alive. I also believe that this was the right choice as it seems that any organization headed by a charasmatic individual with particular skill ultimately fails.

I greatly look forward to this next series of columns.

Thank you
Charles Hill
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