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Nick Pittson (Nick P.) wrote:
Marvin, if it's not too personal, were you asked to re-test due to a less-than-perfect first test, or was it due to changing style/teachers/federations?

Nick, it was more of I did not take it upon myself to be ready to be tested, a fellow student and I were in a program(similar to an uchi-deschi but we didnt live in the dojo),so we were expected to participate, by our senseis, in every testing in schedule. Well it was my 4th kyu and since I've only tested once before - my perceptions of a "test" was quite immature - needless to say I crammed for it and tried to perform the required technique ..but as someone mentioned before, my Sensei didnt feel that "I can grow into that rank" I was testing for just yet so I was asked to continue my training and get ready to test again during the next cycle. I think that was the point for me were i realized that it wasnt really about the ranking ..ranking is relative to the person ..same grade aikidokas may not - in a grading standard way - exhibit the same level of proficiency as another. We all express aiki in our own special way and I think this is why I see testing as more of a review with your Sensei on where you are in your path. They can see it better than we do(the students)on where we in the path if Aiki. It was quite an experienced being asked to repeat a test. But the way I see it - not often do you get a great lesson in humility Thank ya'll for the great post
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