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Re: Taoistic Aikido

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Ueshiba didn't find or choose the new name. He just accepted the name which was given to his art when it was integrated into the dai nihon butokukai in 1942.

A teacher who is connecting aikido and daoism in an interesting was is Endo Seishiro.


Yes - I'd heard that. Perhaps I should choose the word 'accepted'.

Nevertheless I have been taught that the Do part of Aikido has deeper significance than simply 'the way'.

For me I am happy to accept the teaching I've received and take this as Dao.

I believe the influence of Dao principles upon the primarily Daito Ryu techiques deployed within Aikido helps to define the difference between Aikido and Aiki jutsu.

Same techniques - difference teaching if you like.

Others may choose to interpret things differently.



ps. I think I've seen a few of your previous posts regarding Endo Seishiro.

The name is definitely on my radar !

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