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Re: Wife joining husband in aikido class?

I think if your wife wants to join, It would be unpleasant for your relationship if you tell her you don't want her to participate. You don't really know how you'll really feel until she starts. don't assume it will cause uncomfortable situations. Maybe she'll love it and stay with it, maybe not. If your relationship is sound, she should not be "trash talking" about you. I guess you can't really control what other people do. Aikido is a great sport for couples in that even though you will be at different levels, you can still actively participate together and both enjoy it, unlike many other sports.

My only question is weather she might feel she's treated differently because she's your wife if she really becomes a "lifer." Some wives complain that they are not seen for their individual merits in class by some people, and always seen as an appendage of the husband. Other than that, if it does not seem to be working, you need to let your wife know right away so you can come up with a solution.
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