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E.D. Gordon
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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Jim Baker wrote:
At one of the Aikido-L seminars my wife Wendy participated in the knife fighting class, which used "Magic Markers" instead of blades. She was quite proud of the fact that while she had several superficial marks on her arms and body, her partner had only one mark on him. It was deep in the middle of his throat.

Men get postumous medals; women get pensions.

Jim Baker
Aikido of Norfolk
Funny you should mention.. I have a skeleton on my cutting board this evening.
It's okay, he's plastic. Flaco, say hello to the nice people.

As Wendy always proves, style counts.

Intimate knowledge of human anatomy never hurts. Er.. not the knower anyway!

Wish I was there, ya'll.

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