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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Brion Toss wrote:
Long ago, I heard that Ho Chi Minh summed up his revolutionary philosophy thus: "If you have a bent willow branch, and you want to straighten it, you have to bend it the other way." While this concept, or variations on it, have been not always been applied, um, kindly in societies, I find it very useful when dealing with the status quo. In the case of women in Aikido, we in the U.S. are dealing with not one, but two pathologically male cultures; a veritable pretzel of a willow branch.
Can you briefly explain the "two" and the differences?

Gotta look out for the momentary backlash from that branch. (I haven't read Susan Faludi's book yet.)

I did read Natalie Angier's book though, and that was wonderful. _Woman, an intimate Geography_.

I find myself very curious as to the source of the pathology.
What aspect of culture would it further, to limit any person's abilities according to limited assumptions?

I find myself trapped in assumption as well. As much as a man may assume that I don't know how to change an oil filter, I tend to assume that most men don't cook. More and more often, I am wrong, and so are they.

What kind of changes of character does it take, to simply let people surprise you?

Brion Toss wrote:
We men, who commonly behave as though we have something to lose by equality with women, sometimes have to be dealt with firmly as the 'straightening' takes place. But it only hurts for a while, really.
Brion Toss
Sometimes pain is merely the sensation of change.
That said, I find that people notice painless things, far less.
It's all about options.

"edge" Gordon

Also recommended: _Monstrous Regiment_ (Pratchett)
_Da Vinci Code_ (Brown)
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