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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Meggy Gurova wrote:
Even the people that don't practice any budo are still trying to get better... Everybody is working on some level and develop in some way. I can not change another person just by telling them to do this or that. The only thing I can do is to be a good example so good that the other person chooses to become like me (role model) or the opposite to be a very bad person so the other sees my mistakes and tries not to do them herself / himself. So off course, if I see another persons "mistakes" I'm going to react "we are only human", because I'm sure that this person is focusing on some other aspect off his /hers development.
Well, I was trying to speak more generally - as pertaining to an underlying issue of training with ideals and/or in how we should expect and/or should relate to those people through which we come to relate to ideals. I really did not want to make this a personal issue. However, I think you are making my point or at least lending credence to it through your own personal point of view.

I do not want to take anything from you. You sound like you have managed to create a level for yourself where this is all "working" for you. More power to you. However, such views of women can in no way be thought of as spiritually mature. If we were to qualify spiritual maturity according to the common spectrum of professional and amateur, such a view would fall firmly within the amateuristic. I wonder if we would as a population in general accept such amateurism from our surgeons and/or our airline pilots. I highly doubt it. Yet, we find way after way of making allowances for things that should not be allowed when it comes to Budo and our training in it - when it comes to our spiritual training. While the consequences of such actions are not readily felt, it does not take much to realize that the long-term results of this type of behavior is widespread amateurism and spiritual immaturity. After that happens, all of our energy will have to be spent on maintaining the delusion that we have not already lost what should not have been lost.

Since Mr. Ledyard rightly felt the need to write his article, it makes one wonder if we are not already in that state of things.

Just thinking aloud - only my opinion.

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