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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote:
Even a quadriplegic can become a mother. Nature has made sure of it. Your generative organs are better protected than his. If anything, he should be the one taking care. Something so small as regular hot saunas can endanger fatherhood. By comparison, he should never wear briefs, or tight jeans, or have a hot bath, or take highfalls, or ride a bike. ...Men are at so much of a disadvantage. They don't live as long. They are more susceptible to disease and disability. In spite of being born in greater numbers, so many die that this, by the end of the human lifespan, is reduced by many percentages. Men survive longer when cared for by women. Men are more likely to die, and in fact, this is their biological imperative, to die in some heroic, defensive, or simply stupid act. If generative organs and physical strength were factors for dominance, then sperm whales and orangutans would rule the world. If you want to be popular, be a halfway fit man in a retirement community (just ask my dad .
Ha! What a hoot!

Thanks for this. Turning things around is so insightful. And here is Nietzsche vindicated: Truth is a woman and her name is Emily Dolan Gordon!

Sometimes we all need to think out of the, um...that is, we need to change our perspective.


Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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