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Re: Ai-nuke

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
Your comments are insightful and relevant, as always, Peter.

Your mention of Seigo Yamaguchi is interesting, particularly put in the context of the "Kisshomaru school", as I consider him something of a exception in that context. Olivier Gaurin made a cryptic comment about Yamaguchi Sensei having "very solid bases issuing from Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu", and over time I have seen that his aikido had much in common with Shioda Sensei's, even though, on the surface, his elegant and fluid technique appears poles apart from Shioda's direct, almost percussive, aikido. His ongoing interest in the sword style of the Kashima Shinryu school (Sekiya Sensei was an example of this crossover, and, as you say, had a profound influence on KS). The kesagiri cut particularly resonates strongly with me now, since this feels very congruent with the spirals I mentioned above, which I see in the aikido of both Shioda and Yamaguchi.

Hello Alex,

The thread seems to have run to its own conclusion, but there is room for one more response. I remember lunchtime sessions at Ryushinkan where Sekiya taught MK the elements of Kashima Shinryu. Of course, MK was originally Shioda's student. I have not seen any recent videos of his aikido, but I would think it has achieved a fruitful blend of the two approaches.

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