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Well, these conversations never really go anywhere, so I'll just note that, while I agree that Shioda shared body methodology with some daito ryu people, there are major differences too, which are even more pronounced in his students.The more that I've trained in DR, the more profound I've found these differences to be, which is one reason why I advocate people actually train in the art in a prolonged manner. Shioda met and trained with Horikawa BTW. I also think that the 'engine' analogy is not really an accurate one, for reasons too lengthy to go into, but to use another analogy, taking the same 'vitamins' from a food or from a pill isn't really the same 'thing' either.
Well Oisin,

you've got a point here.

But Sagawa-father and young Sagawa-son had the same teacher, Takeda Sokaku. Hot Sagawa-father didn't fare well, as soon as he tried his technique for real, Sagawa-son didn't have any of those problems, because he had stolen Aiki, wich made all the difference. You see, even taking the vitamins from the same source isn't a guarantee eitherů

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