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And as a point of clarification for Demetrio - Kata is not free movement, so I don't really consider it part of my ultimate goal for free movement. With kata, we are talking about a pre-arrangement of movements so there should be no impediment in movement, except where prescribed in kata. The cessation of movement is either deliberate by design or a lapse in choreography. In some cases, skill can still affect the outcome, much as a senior can lead a junior through a movement, almost by forcing the movement. To the senior, the movement feels natural and "easy", while the junior may feel like he lost control of his body.
I think that Kata is more nuanced than you describe - at least the way I have been taught. It is a bit like drawing a landscape; it is there in front of you with it's hills trees and buildings but it is up to you to choose the techniques, brushes and colors and render it on canvas.

This applies to nage as well as the uke.

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