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Re: Resistance?

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Nonsense. Someone who knew what you were going to do managed to use that knowledge and thwart that particular movement. That's an easy and cheap "win". You can't argue that uke stopping nage "real" but nage performing another technique to which that "stop" is irrelevant is not "real". It's just stupid, is all. Stupid and an ego-aggrandizing exercise -- "ha ha, I stopped you, you're not good enough!" -- and if nage likewise steps out of line and flattens your face, as they should according to your logic, you might as well forget about training and just beat on each other outside a bar somewhere.

If it's what you want to do, go do it. But in a dojo, it's stupid and it's not training.
Well, if its stupid I should just stop. Thanks for enlightening me. I have several problems with this post.

First, what is nonsense, and according to whom? Of all the things that we do in training, how is training towards the ultimate goal of free movement nonsense?

Second, you have posted several paradigms that seem to exist in your training. Please keep them out of my training. I did not mention winning or losing. I did not mention "real" anything and I do not presuppose everyone with whom I train is ego-centric. Nor have I mentioned injuring anyone.

Third, if you are not honest enough within yourself that you require someone to confirm whether you "can" or "cannot" do aikido techniques, then uke's response will never be helpful, regardless of how she acts.


There is a world of excellent martial artists out there. People who can use use weapons beyond what we know. People who can move with power and skill like nothing you've seen in your dojo. People who know more about advancing your understanding of fight science.These people are better than us; better than us in the same comparison that a baseball player is better than someone who plays baseball on the weekend. In other words, the measure of separation is large. The people exist in a number of arts and have so much knowledge to share it's crazy.

Why do you limit yourself in your training? If you really find yourself unable to work with regular aikido people on the mat, how do you ever expect to work with one of these martial artists? If you can't work with these people, how can you learn from them?

And as a point of clarification for Demetrio - Kata is not free movement, so I don't really consider it part of my ultimate goal for free movement. With kata, we are talking about a pre-arrangement of movements so there should be no impediment in movement, except where prescribed in kata. The cessation of movement is either deliberate by design or a lapse in choreography. In some cases, skill can still affect the outcome, much as a senior can lead a junior through a movement, almost by forcing the movement. To the senior, the movement feels natural and "easy", while the junior may feel like he lost control of his body.

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