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Re: Resistance?

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In training you can tune the speed, force, intent etc... to match your abilities, but having the uke suspend her intent to do you harm is equivalent to strapping on that anti-gravity-pack. You are no longer studying a martial art let alone Aikido.
So where you train, does uke carry thru on her intent to do nage harm if she has the opportunity? And by harm I'm assuming you're not referring to harming nage's ego or self esteem but are implying that nage may possibly be injured if the attack gets thru. I ask because, over 40 years, I've visited a lot of Aikido dojos. In none of those occasions did I witness anyone attacking with that kind of street level intent to harm a partner. But maybe I'm misinterpreting what you mean by "intent to harm".

David Soroko wrote: View Post
A fundamental hard constraint in martial arts is that the relationship with the partner is an adversarial relationship.
I think that, and this is based on personal experience not hard data, this is a minority view of the relationship between uke and nage in Aikido.


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