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Re: Resistance?

Good thoughts. Uke is supposed to respond in a way that the technique makes sense, so that tori (nage) can practice doing the technique. If tori attempts to use force in a way that is unnecessary, a more senior uke should be able to both show them that what they are doing is not good, and also how to move correctly for that technique.

With myself as a proverbial newbie to internal power practices, though which are, I feel, an extension of what I felt I needed to develop in the first place, attempts to use power on a person who has a well-developed internal structure and can apply it during movement, end up going nowhere. Resistance stops mattering, as the very effort of it at the very least ends up going into the ground. This applies for all techniques.

This comes back to the danger issue -- someone resisting too much could end up hurt when a technique is applied. Thus the necessity of becoming a good uke that knows what and how much force to apply when for the benefit of one's training partners, allowing sincere training while preventing injury.
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