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Re: Complementary Aikido Styles

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I find it interesting that everyone has mentioned BJJ or Tai Chi as alternatives but nobody Judo which I had thought about as potentially being the most complimentary. Between BJJ or Tai Chi I would probably go for BJJ or Judo, as I'd go for something harder rather than something lighter. Though as I mentioned before, I won't do permanent crosstraining anytime soon - I am thinking of something temporary like a seminar here and there on the weeks I feel like I want more (I train 7 sessions a week at the moment so no time really to fit more long-term lessons). But as it stands the most ever mentioned is the name of the sensei teaching (which I know only a very limited few of) and sometimes their style. From the sound of things, probably I would be most interested in Iwama/Yoshinkan/Yoseikan/Shodokan seminars, though with Iwama I am not sure I would be able to participate as we only train in bokken at my dojo and even then, once a week (no jo whatsoever). I will keep my ear to the ground for well-esteemed senseis (perhaps a list of those would be useful ha) visiting as well of any style to see if any good opportunities for a taste of different styles come about.
Ehhhhh, just answer me this please, what is the main reason you started training in Aikido in the first place?
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