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Re: Complementary Aikido Styles

Oh don't get me wrong - my dojo is a great dojo - and my sensei is fair, I'm pretty sure he'd never try to deny me "permission", but it is only natural to perhaps think your student is more likely to leave you if they come to tell you they are going to do some training elsewhere - even for a seminar, or a single class. Videos offer the same issues that Peter mentioned in terms of not being able to fully encapsulate a style - though I suppose nothing really does.

I find it interesting that everyone has mentioned BJJ or Tai Chi as alternatives but nobody Judo which I had thought about as potentially being the most complimentary. Between BJJ or Tai Chi I would probably go for BJJ or Judo, as I'd go for something harder rather than something lighter. Though as I mentioned before, I won't do permanent crosstraining anytime soon - I am thinking of something temporary like a seminar here and there on the weeks I feel like I want more (I train 7 sessions a week at the moment so no time really to fit more long-term lessons). But as it stands the most ever mentioned is the name of the sensei teaching (which I know only a very limited few of) and sometimes their style. From the sound of things, probably I would be most interested in Iwama/Yoshinkan/Yoseikan/Shodokan seminars, though with Iwama I am not sure I would be able to participate as we only train in bokken at my dojo and even then, once a week (no jo whatsoever). I will keep my ear to the ground for well-esteemed senseis (perhaps a list of those would be useful ha) visiting as well of any style to see if any good opportunities for a taste of different styles come about.

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