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Re: Complementary Aikido Styles

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And what I can take from the comments - training in different styles is useful and helps your aikido grow, although at least initially I should not try to use what I learn outside of my dojo within my dojo.
Technically speaking, NO. Training in other styles of Aikido will not help your Aikido grow or anything else for that mater. If you wish to attain a high level of proficiency in Aikido as a martial art, the "martial art" part being that you can defend yourself from almost any attack leaving the assailant/s incapacitated from doing or trying to do anymore harm to you, you have to train in the correct manner. You can train in Judo, Boxing, wrestling, BJJ, cross train in all of them and it still wouldn't help unless you have a clear idea of what is it you are trying to achieve. In other words, you can take bits and pieces, even whole techniques from other instructors and styles, even martial arts, but if you don't know how to actually use them to your favor they are of no worth to you.

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