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Re: Refining my view of aiki

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
And to add more, just reread Jeremy Hulley's post above. That. Now I've written similar things many times before. As have others. So many freaking times that it's frankly silly to have to type it again. ...

But when something has been beaten to death, reincarnated, then beaten to death again over and over again like a Nietzschian eternal recurrence it just gets freaking old to have someone say "you don't understand what you're doing because I'm not satisfied with your explanation".
Eternal recurrence.

But the problem is generally because two parties THINK they are each communicating with the other -- but in fact, are not.

Look at Jeremy's response that you approve:
Jeremy wrote:
Aiki-something that cannot be done to a chair- credit Don Angier

Aiki - The creation and management of opposing forces within one's self that makes it impossible for an opponent to respond.

The management of opposing forces is primarily trained through solo practice but partners help, inform, correct and challenge the practice.
This is an operational statement. Matthew asks "What is a car?" And the response is to the effect of:

"A car is something that cannot float on water.
A car involves the management of brake and accelerator to make the car drive as you want.
Driving a car is primarily trained in solo practice, but a passenger can help."
Operational definitions do not tell what a car IS -- these operations also apply to motorcycles, tractors, combines, roadable cranes, and front end loaders -- none of which is a car. It kind of neglects some important operational details -- like, say, the ignition, steering, gears. And some other stuff.

Hence, the eternally recurrent frustration at the manner of communication ...


Erick Mead
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