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Re: Is is it still Aikido if you take away the Japanese clothes, etiquette and other things?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
don't see why one couldn't call it aikido. we usually practiced outside wearing street clothes. doesn't make it less aikido. isn't one of the meaning of aikido is the way of harmony? if you are out on the beach, the way to harmonize is to wear speedo thong and throw each other around in the waves. so if i take away all the clothes, then i would be a naked aikido man, with a pretty good looking rear end and shoulders, and would still do aikido, but naked aikido, if there is such a thing. however, i would draw the line at naked BJJ, unless my partner is as good looking as i am.
Jeez, Phi. This what you have in mind?

(Click at your own risk. But it is classical art.)

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