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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

I don't think you guys said that, I was putting my own thoughts into it, trying for myself to make it a little more clear.

I should outline it more clearly.

Hypothesis 1- The muscles of the dantien (muscles in the hip/abdomen area of the body) are the only muscles moving the body.

Hypothesis 2- The muscles of the dantien (muscles in the hip/abdomen area of the body) are starting an action that makes a sequential contraction in muscles from the dantien area out towards the localized muscles, "chain linking" muscular power together.

Hypothesis 3- The muscles are not being used much at all, something else in generating force.

These three hypothesize are what I'm getting, from what I've read, so far. I would guess that Dave is more a fan of hypothesis 2, and Hunter is pointing more at hypothesis 1.

I could easily be wrong about that, and would like to hear your input. Also if there are any further hypothesis I would like to hear those.

I read the first main post on "rum soaked fist" and a few others. That post did a great job in discussing what muscles are recruited. But he didn't really talk about how that recruitment moves the appendages, other then creating a pressure inside of the abdomen area, and breathing into that area to increase the "pressure" from there out.

I did think the post by "lazyboxer" was interesting in talking about how confusing it can be to attempt to use Chinese words, from a philosophy that few martial artists really understand, can be.

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