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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I see it this way. Spiritual form love to light to spirit all work together in the true nature of things thus they all welcome, support, invite , 'hug' each other.

The mind however produces many fears and negatives Including the concept of death. Being attatched to such ways of thinking we may feel it's good to hug death but to me that's mental not spiritual.

An interesting thought I offer you:

I said earlier that in the way I do Aikido it goes spirit-mind-body. In that order and indeed I would say that order of importance and that order of magnitude.

Now for those who believe in a different order then this is what generally happens. They have the mind leading the spirit. Thus they have the spirit doing negatively according to the minds instructions and thus against it's true nature. Thus ego rules.

Interesting. I'm not sure I think the concept of death is necessarily fear-based, though I certainly agree it tends to evoke such feelings in people.
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