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Keith Burnikell
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Re: Got pwned by boxer =-(

Don, I agree with you. The boxers who spar are the most creative and would be where I'd put my money too. But, before you spar you do the 'reps'! It's just easier to get to sparring in boxing.

How can anyone appreciate George's description of the ikkyo curve unless they've done a few thousand ikkyos themselves?
How does a trainer discuss combinations if he's working with a boxer who doesn't have a fluid punches in his/her repertoire?

Unfortunately, I know far too many Shodans/Nidans that simply would not be able to acquit themselves in a scrap, let alone against a boxer with just 6 months training. So the question remains: In 4 years how many jabs does a boxer throw sparring vs ikkyo by a Shodan? 100:1 ; 1000:1 How many minutes of randori vs how many hours of sparring?

I'd hazard a guess that Saotome, Chiba, Saito, Shioda, Tomiki would have all been more than capable in a scrap by Shodan/Nidan level. Not only because they are/were exceptional students but because their preparation was far more 'rigorous' and focused.

I believe there's an opportunity here!
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