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Re: Got pwned by boxer =-(

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No. He did not. I just say that prewar exponents' techniques and Iwama Ryu's techniques are very similar. And all of them very different from all that's in the middle (chronologically speaking).

I don't buy that those in the middle are/were doing what O Sensei taught them. What was that about nobody trying to do O Sensei's Aikido?
As someone who's studied both boxing and aikido (since that's where this discussion began)... thanks for laying it out like this and saving me the trouble, Alejandro. With all respect to what George has been saying, I still hold that the MARTIAL side of aikido is as important as the ART side. If you study aikido only to grow as a person and reach spiritual tranquility, that's absolutely your prerogative and I wish you well. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't work IF avoidance and verbal disarmament (what I call "real" aikido) fail. Once you learn the martial, you begin to understand the art.

Also, a quick bit of props for boxers: you want to talk about spiritual development? Try standing up and fighting someone in front of a couple hundred strangers. That, coupled with the shugyo of a boxing regimen, taught me as much about myself as any randori or misogi session. Most of the boxers I met (and many I've seen interviewed, for that matter) defied the stereotype and were/are thoughtful, peaceful people outside of the gym/ring, just like aikidoka.
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