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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Stephen Trinkle wrote: View Post
Should you smoke marijuana before posting on aikiweb?



... ok, laughter has subsided.

Now, as for good ol' THC, I have to say I have been impressed with what I have read since around 1999 about its uses medicinally.
[I worked in a medical environment delivering daily animated news stories to Dr.s and a few THC ones came across my desk.]

Articles from JAMA, LANCET, NATURE, SCIENCE, etc. - they have great stuff in there the average american doesnt read, nor would I think the industry would want them to read.

I think there is a time and place for everything, and the apparent misuse of something helps to generate a certain negative feeling to something that definitely has a positive role, but is hindered due to various 'political' reasons. [mainly $$$, thats why they have synthesized it... you dont make money if you can grow your own]

As for using it on your Aikido journey, you must be aware of your current environment. [i.e., are you in the Netherlands? If not you may be limited to your journeys as far as THC is concerned...]

My personal beliefs is that nature should not and cannot be illegal.
And in a strange sense we are illegal as we have DMT naturally occurring in our brains - and DMT is illegal in many states as I understand it.

Again you can get into the theory of all of this, but the fact is things are where they are and you have to make your choices accordingly knowing this.

From how I understand it, THC would be best used for medicine... not necessarily enlightenment which is something that is up to you and not an outside source anyway.

As for guides it would seem that natures magical mushrooms can act as a guide, albeit I do believe they are now pretty much illegal everywhere as well. [though people playing with shrooms gets less as many appear not to be prepared for the trip they will take.]

I have been intrigued with the stories I have read about psilocybin and its potential use for people with O.C.D. [obsessive compulsive disorder] - I believe I can see how this would work... a good breaking of the ego. [kind of like what Ram Dass talks about with his LSD experience, though not everyone is ready for ego dissolution.]



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