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Re: Practicing Ikea

Karolina Owczarzak wrote: View Post
Weapons, ja? Very well.

My weapons, let me show you them:
N, n, n. ur wepon is fer.

Fer nd surprise....

ur TW wepns are ... fer, surprise, nd ruthless efficiency, ...

ur THREE -- wepns -- re fer -- surprise -- ruthless efficiency -- nd n lmst fntical devtin t the...

gh! -- I'll cme in gin ... .

(Nbdy expects the Swedish Inquisitin ... )

The above is among the esoteric mantras dwelling on the root ktdm "!" of the ikeaverse mandala --

One must recite the root ktdm -- with strong ikea -- when one has experienced the sudden, sharp communion with the weapons of ikea. Thusly:

"!" "!" "!" "!" "!" "!"

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