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Re: Top 10 Reasons Why You Joined Aikido

10. Because my parents made me join, I was very naughty in
middle school.
9. The summer was going to be boring.
8. Wanted to try something new.
7. Loved the Jacki-Chan movies, and Domo Kai was the most
interesting to me.
6. I wanted to get in touch with my spiritual side.
5. The ukemi's were fun.
4. Some of my Senpai's were really cute.
3. So that I could brag something to my dad about. (he took karate)
2. So that I could be able to defend and flip a person over in just
one move.
1. So that I could threaten my friends if they ever mess with me. (but only if they initiate the fight first, always remember one of the important rules!)

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