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I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR PREDISPOSITIONS. No, I am not enlightened. I don't see how anyone can be offended by ANYTHING I have said. I have said that NOBODY is doing ANYTHING wrong. If you READ my statements, instead of reading the REPLYS (which make belive that there is a problem, human nature I suppose), you will see that I am not disillusioned, inexperienced, or trying to hurt anyone. You disagree, FINE. I know that there are an infinate way of explaining anything, just as there are thousands of ways of interpreting ki. Read my posts or dont.
My posts are for those interested/needing. Sorry if I'm messing with your TURF.

Mr. Ravens, you know that I could never convince someone of the existance of ki over the computer. My posts are not for people with there mind made up. Why would someone who doesn't believe in ki join a post called "USE KI" ?
Also, could you please elaborate on which part was "completly incorrect."
Also, also, if you think that putting a lifetime of training into a few posts keep in mind that anytime you use a word that stands for a concept that cannont be described in words, there is someone out there checking to see if you have complete command of every word.
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