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We must love him, cause we can't kill him.

Mr. Sieger,

I have read all of your posts, and would like to comment.

I, like others here on the board, have picked up on your somewhat "inappropriate" tone. Personally, I could care less for "how" you say things, as much as some of the "sensitive" types, aikido often attracts. I, like you, am a "believer" as you might say. However, it is not like "faith" for me, as the instruction I have received directly from my teachers have enabled me to set out and travel on the long path so many others have traveled on before me.

Feedback - To be honest, each time someone contradicts you, you say something to the effect of, "Well that is because you are a doubter of KI" This does little to serve you, bolster your arguments, or others opinions of you. If you think the latter matters not, then consider this: E=MC(squared) - a powerful statement, no? Yes, it is, but not because I said it. It is because someone who came before me (Albert Einstein) put his entire spirit into creating that concept in our society's consciousness. The words are the same, but it is the character of the person who says them that gives the words life, power and meaning (kotodama). You make statements too. To me, they sound more like someone else's words, rather than your own. Moreover, like the way the words E=MC(Squared) are when I use them, the ones you put forth here are words that you don't really seem to have a clear command over.

I have several questions that I would like you to provide clear answers to. It may serve to help me, and other's on this board to better "hear" what it is that you are saying.

1. How long have you been training in Aikido/
2. What other martial arts do you have in your background?
3. How old are you?
4. From whom did you directly learn "ki" or "kokyu"?
5. When you say "teach" what dojo, and on what day/nights do you do this teaching?

Don't get me wrong, no one is doubting your intention. After all, some of what you say has merit. To be blunt though, some of it is completely incorrect - however, that is another matter entirely. As far as "helping" beginners, may I politely recommend waiting until a beginner approaches you with a question, rather than just storming in and making disconnected statements as the basis for starting a new thread. My feeling, having had met many who have a similar tone, you do more to harm the beginner mind with your word-puzzles, than provide any clear understanding, point out a new path to set afoot on, or add encouragement to press on through the often difficult plateaus we experience along the way.

For what its worth, having experienced a wide variety of aikidoka, and having a somewhat open mind, I have yet to meet anyone who sounds off in the way that you do who ever really had any understanding of Ki, Kokyu, Kuzushi, Shizen-ni, Masagatsu-Agatsu-Katsuhayahi, or budo, whatsoever. Of course, this was reflected as much in their low-level techniques, poor ukemi, and other, more anti-social type behavioral patterns, as in their rants about how we should all practice the unbendable arm to expose the secrets of aikido and the universe at large. Again, for what its worth...

ganbattemasu (keep training!)

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