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Even though you're not interested in joining this community, you still entered it. So, "When in Rome..."

I understand you need to share with those new to aikido, that is commendable. People new to aikido do come here. They read the posts and they are exposed to all points of view so they can come up with their own interpretation. Please realize that just because someone disagrees with what you say it doesn't means they don't believe in "ki." And it doesn't imply that they think your wrong either. There are many ways up the mountain.

I suggest reading through the forums here to see the various ways people here interpret the meaning of "ki." Some believe it as a mystical force others it is basic body mechanics, but both sides will call it "ki." For most, their view is probably in the middle somewhere. There are just so many various views and as a result "ki" can be hotly discussed and debated. Considering this is disagreement really that surprising? It means the aikido community is dynamic and alive. That's a good thing.

I guess it seems surprising to you that there are so many different views here and that people don't always agree. I have learned not to interpret the harmony of aikido as everyone agreeing. Rather, it's about approaching a conflict in a proactive and positive manner. Aikido is assertiveness training. Conflict is definantly not avoided here. However, people will do their best to avoid flame wars and be as cordial as possible without compromising their point of views.

In the spirit of aiki,

Anne Marie Giri
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