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Ai symbol

Firstly, I HAVENT told anybody that they are doing anything incorrectly. I have laid out platform for anyone to follow. Why would anyone have a problem with that?
For Mr. Dallas, here is a brief but incomplete definition:
I'm am by no means an expert on ki. I have tasted a drop, but it springs from ocean I probably will never fully see. I can say for certain however that ki has these few attributes, ki comes in many forms (i.e. unbendable arm, the way that animals instinctively move), you need to utilize ki to correctly use Aikido or any other martial art correctly/most effectively (although Aikido and Tai Chi stress its importance the most), proper ki usage is attainable by anyone simply with effort, time, and direction, and finally, although ki is mysteriously vague, you know it when you see it.
Check the post "Ki usage in Aikido" for more information, or simply look for more of my posts.

Thanks for reading!

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