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Just can't let it go can you? A gentle suggestion... stop taking it so personally. There's no need to defend the man... I think he's well past caring.

By your own admission, you state that the material in the book and DVDs are outdated and no longer representative of how Nishio did it in his later years.

So, instead of ASS-U-ME-ing I made an "assumption"... why not address my observations directly? Tell me if I am indeed wrong, instead of implying that my analysis and assessment of the material is assumptive and dismissive of Nishio's aikido generally and that I should experience it for myself.
Your questions have been answered dozens of times on AikiWeb. You need only look. Stefan Stenudd has addressed them for you. and like I said in a previous post.... His personal experience with Nishio Shihan exceeds mine, and as does his gift for explaining concepts and I consider him my AikiWeb Sempai.

Otherwise feel free to win this conversation at anytime.

William Hazen
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