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So, I don't think further PM or discussion of my experience is necessary... besides, I left the beautiful young girl by the river ages ago... I hope you're not still carrying her.
Sadly I am.... She is spending the night with me and we're going surfing in the morning....I guess I am just not as good as Buddhist as you.

As for the rest of your observations I will let them stand without comment and with the humble suggestion you give Nishio's Akido a go if you ever get the chance. You might be surprised since your assumptions are solely based on a video and a book.

There are others here like Ellis and Stefan both of them Yudansha to whom you might ask about Nishio Shihan's Atemi.
Both of them are far more eloquent and experienced in these matters and can articulate the experience much better than I can.

WIlliam Hazen

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